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Sun, Sep 10, 2017
Duration: 11 mins 7 secs
People of all ages are empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve and praise God, but the forms our worship and work take are shaped by the particular gifts and challenges of each age and life stage. Through it all, "God's steadfast love endures forever and God's faithfulness is to all generations"
Sun, Sep 03, 2017
Series: Peace Sunday
Duration: 21 mins 28 secs
With division and mistrust fracturing our nation and communities, we still hear Christ's promise to "seek and save that which was lost." From our own positions, whether precarious or powerful, what do we hear Jesus calling us to do "for such a time as this?"
Sun, Aug 27, 2017
For the followers of Jesus, there's nothing more basic than loving God and your neighbor. But what does love look like in practical term? What does it mean to love God, and love our neighbors in Goshen, Syria, and around the world?
Sun, Aug 20, 2017
Series: Mission
Duration: 21 mins 5 secs
When we experience the immeasurable height, depth and breadth of God's love, we are compelled to pass on to others the grace, joy, and peace that overflows in us.
Sun, Aug 13, 2017
Passage: Isaiah 61
Duration: 16 mins 40 secs
Participating in God's mission in the world is the very foundation of the church. In joyfully joining in God's reconciling work, the church becomes a living sign of god's intended future for the world.
Sun, Aug 06, 2017
Duration: 18 mins 25 secs
God has given us God's ministry of reconciliation--redeeming and restoring a broken, sinful world to full relationship. Our participation in this mission overflows in joy in response to God's abundant grace.
Sun, Jul 30, 2017
Duration: 14 mins 9 secs
At the conclusion of his letter to the Romans, Paul calls followers of Christ to welcome and accept one another. Holding onto the promise that God's grace is generously given for all, he prays that Christians might "live in harmony with one another, in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ".
Sun, Jul 23, 2017
Duration: 15 mins 44 secs
Paul reminds followers of Christ not to let differences in status or religious practices to separate or shame one another. Instead, he calls all people to live out their diverse faith "in honor of the Lord", remembering that "we are all the Lord's."
Sun, Jul 16, 2017
Duration: 16 mins 39 secs
In God's awesome grace and power, God welcomes people of all backgrounds to be "grafted" fully into the "holy root" to grow in Christ.
Sun, Jul 09, 2017
Duration: 33 mins 38 secs
Love is a verb- As Christians, we believe that God is love, and that we are called to participate in the love that God has for the world- the same love that was revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. In Christ, we see that love is something lived, love is active in the world, love is a verb..