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May 14, 2023
Duration: 26 mins
Scripture describes trees as clapping their hands and singing “for joy before the Lord,” and “the whole creation… groaning together.” As science reveals more about how trees communicate, what might they have to “say” to us about our lives and faith?
April 16, 2023
Duration: 23 mins
Our Scriptures are full of imagery of trees; they frame the Biblical visions of God's purpose and promise for Creation. They call us to consider our foundation, growth, and fruit. How do Scriptural images of trees call us to consider how we are rooted in God, especially as we relate to God's good creation?
April 09, 2023
Seeking: Who are you looking for? Jesus, mysteriously appearing to Mary as the gardener, asks her: “Why are you weeping? Who are you looking for?” In the haze of grief, Mary can only see what is right before her—or in this case, what is not before her. It is only when Jesus calls her by name that the veil is lifted and she beholds the resurrected Christ. On this Easter morning, who—or what—are you looking for? Why have you come to the tomb? What kind of Jesus are you looking for? What veils need to be lifted so we can recognize God’s resurrection wherever it occurs?
March 26, 2023
Seeking: Can these bones live?: In Ezekiel’s vision, God asks the prophet, “Can these bones live?” Do we believe new life can come after death? Can we find hope when things are bleak? Can we trust God’s resurrection? While we look to God to carry us through the valley, God looks to us to embody hope for others. As we prepare for Psalm Sunday, we remember how Jesus began his final journey toward resurrection: by returning to Judea after the death of his dear friend, Lazarus. As we walk through the valley of dry bones that leads us to Calvary Hill, let us seek out the hope that will stir in us and sustain us.
March 12, 2023
Seeking: Will you give me a drink? In the heat of midday, Jesus seeks out a Samaritan woman, with a request that is also a question and an invitation into a new way of life: “Will you give me a drink?” As the question creates dialogue, Jesus sees the woman fully, and she leaves the well transformed. In the wilderness, the Israelites essentially ask: “Will you give us a drink, God? Will you take care of us, even now?” This week, we might imagine ourselves at the well or in the wilderness. Are we willing to care for our neighbors, seeking to not just quench thirst, but to find living waters that sustain us all?
March 05, 2023
Seeking: How do we begin again? Nicodemus comes to Jesus under the veil of night to ask him big faith questions. Jesus invites him to begin again, to learn a new way of knowing and living out his faith. In Genesis, God commands Abram and Sarai to leave everything—their home, their family, their land—to seek the land of Canaan and begin again. Like Nicodemus, what are the questions we ask in the dark? Like Abram and Sarai, how do we follow God’s calling to begin again?
February 26, 2023
Seeking the fruit of the garden, Adam and Eve allow the snake’s manipulative voice to become louder than God’s voice. In the wilderness, Jesus defies the deception of the tempter by listening intuitively—to God, to his inner moral compass, to the teachings of his faith. Whose voices—and what messages—take up too much space in your head? Who will you listen to?
February 05, 2023
Passage: Ruth 1:1-22
Duration: 32 mins
I've Been Meaning to Ask… Where Do We Go from Here?: We believe courageous conversations have the power to change and transform us. We believe God bridges connections in unexpected ways. We commit to continuing the conversation.