Interfaith Hospitality Network- Goshen

Providing shelter for homeless families in the Goshen Area

EGMC has been involved in Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network (GIHN) since it began in the Goshen area in October 1995. GIHN is one of over 181 Interfaith Hospitality Networks in 41 states nationwide. Elkhart County residents make up 90-95% of our guests in any given year.

In the U.S., 37,000,000 people live below the poverty level
In Elkhart County
     18,000 people are homeless on any given night
     40% of single family households with at least 1 parent and 1child do not earn a livable wage    
     12,765 children live in households where income is insufficient to pay for school lunches

What we do:

GIHN is one local chapter of a nationwide network, providing shelter for temporarily homeless families and helping them reestablish stable housing and life situations. For more than 20 years we and other area churches hosted guests for supper and overnight lodging in our church buildings, with volunteers providing the meals and overnight hosting. Other needed services were provided in a downtown location during the day. In late 2017 a fixed site was established where guests stay continually, no longer needing to move all their belongings and beds each week, and our volunteers have continued helping with evening hosting and meals.
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Our Congregation’s GIHN Leadership Group
The current coordinators are Steve Hochstetler Shirk and Kathy Holsopple

GIHN is a flexible Cooperative ministry providing an opportunity for our community to be actively involved in caring for the needs of homeless families.