Community Recycling: Committed to Caring for God’s Creation

East Goshen Mennonite Church began a community recycling program in 1989 which has evolved with the help of its Children’s Sunday school, numerous individuals from the church, and finally through community resources such as Recycling Works, Bordens, and the county. It is because we are “Committed to Caring for God’s Creation” that we have persisted in offering this service to our community despite various challenges along the way.


·  all cardboard and paper
·  all plastics (numbered or not)
·  glass jars and bottles
·  aluminum and metal, including foil and pie pans.

All items must be clean and free of food

·  styrofoam
·  electronic equipment
·  window panes
·  furniture
·  tires
·  motor oil
·  hazardous waste

For more information on what constitutes hazardous waste and how to dispose of it visit:

To learn more about the Recycling Works and the Waste-Away program click on the following link.