Mission:  Each youth, with the help of the church, will seek to develop a meaningful and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as understood in an Anabaptist Mennonite perspective. Our congregation will create an atmosphere that invites our youth to actively participate in the life of the church, to willingly serve and relate in our community and world, and to live wholesomeness and grace-filled lives.

Intergenerational Connections: 

An important part of our youth ministry efforts are the various ways that our youth interact with the entire congregation. Some of these ways have included:
     - Participation and involvement in Sunday morning worship.
     - A mentor/mentee relationship that continues through their youth years.
     - Activities with adults where faith stories are shared.
     - Youth helping to lead children’s ministry activities.
     - Visiting homes of older adults in the congregation.

Junior High: J.FROGs (Juniors Fully Relying on God)
Noting that youth at this age are making significant choices about their allegiances and relationships,  efforts are made in helping them to connect these areas with the way of Christ.  
Wednesdays: The J.FROGs gather the first three Wednesdays of each month for an activity – focusing on a balance of studies, service involvements, and socials.  
Weekly Sunday School: Our goal is to introduce the overall story of the Bible and its themes, striving to connect the biblical story to the life experiences of our J.FROGs.  
Extended Activities:  Some types of weekend activities that have been options in the past include an overnight Lock-In, a Winter Retreat, a Junior High Convention in the summer, and a water park trip.  

High School (MYF):

Both the formal and informal gatherings resonate well for this group. There is a strong identity with each other and with the church, an identity that provides much energy and openness, all of which helps us grow in Christian love and experience the joy of Christian community.
Wednesdays: The MYF gather each Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 – always having the evening focus center on a balance of studies, service involvements, and socials. 
Weekly Sunday School: In our hour gathering between worship services, time is given for sharing, study, and announcements. Our study time is designed to introduce students to the Christian faith through an overview of Scripture in  the context of themes that connect with the youth. 
Extended Activities: Some past weekend/weeklong experiences include a Fall Retreat, 4-day Live-in at the church, Summer service trip, church youth convention, and day trip to the Dunes.