Why Me? // Why Us?

Date: December 24, 2023

Speaker(s): Naomi Yoder

Series: How Will We Know? - Advent 2023

Passage(s): Luke 1:26-38, Luke 2:1-10

How will we know…why me? Why us? Why not? - Throughout the biblical story, we often see that the people who are the most ordinary are the ones through whom God chooses to work. In our humility, we sometimes ask “Why me?” when God invites us to participate. We’re so ordinary, will God really work through us? In the Christmas story, we witness God entering into our ordinary world through the common act of a baby’s birth, and the extraordinary things Jesus brought for all people. In our sometimes challenging world, will God really dwell with us? Today we celebrate that to us a Savior has been born! The Lord has come!