The Messiah in the Marketplace; Turning the Tables on Business as Usual – April 28, 2024

April 28, 2024

Speaker(s): Caleb Longenecker-Fox

Series: Music & Money

Passage(s): John 2:13-22

Jesus brings us hope and vision for a paradigm shift. This shift is not only about commodity exchange, but remakes the world of possibilities in how we can experience God’s presence and our individual power to positively influence systems that promote abundant life, flourishing, and Shalom.

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God’s Elemental Love: Water

Date: August 16, 2023

Speaker(s): Naomi Yoder

Series: God's Elemental Love

Passage(s): Isaiah 41:17-18, John 7:37-39

Water - Scripture uses imagery of springs in the desert and drink for the thirsty to reveal God’s outpouring of love and nourishment. Jesus speaks of the Spirit as Rivers of Living Water, flowing out of our relationship with Christ. Water reminds us of our ongoing need for God’s sustaining, refreshing presence.

Is It Right for You to be Angry?

Date: August 6, 2023

Speaker(s): Naomi Yoder

Series: Jonah: Humor and Hard Lessons

Passage(s): Jonah 4

The story of Jonah continues to offer humor and hard lessons to the end. The prophet's astounding success leaves him angry and alone, leveling words usually offered in praise of God as accusations. The tale ends without resolution for Jonah, and with a question which might leave us unresolved too: "should God not be concerned about" those we view as "wicked?"

Spiteful Success; Real Repentance?

Date: July 30, 2023

Speaker(s): Naomi Yoder

Series: Jonah: Humor and Hard Lessons

Passage(s): Jonah 3:1-10

In the third chapter of Jonah, a one sentence proclamation and extravagant contrition humorously highlight the possibilities of repentance. Yet the serious questions remain: how will we respond when we hear of God's judgment? Are we ready and willing to "turn from our evil ways and from the violence that is in our hands?"

Practice Makes ………

Date: July 23, 2023

Speaker(s): Merle Hostetler

Series: Jonah: Humor and Hard Lessons

Passage(s): Jonah 2:1-10

Within the chaotic action of the story of Jonah, the second chapter provides a space of deep reflection with a psalm of thanksgiving. From the improbable location in the belly of a fish, Jonah speaks of the relatable experience of feeling overwhelmed and driven from God's sight and offers powerful praise for God's presence and deliverance.